The Poison Jungle (Wings of Fire, Book 13)

The Poison Jungle (Wings of Fire, Book 13)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Book 13 of 13 in the  Wings of Fire Series
The New York Times bestselling series continues with a thrilling revelation -- brand-new tribes of dragons!
Some secrets are deadly.

It's no secret that Sundew wants to destroy the HiveWings. It's her life's mission to exact revenge on the tribe that tried to wipe out the LeafWings and ripped every tree from the surface of Pantala.

Every tree, that is, except the wild and dangerous Poison Jungle, where the surviving LeafWings have been hiding since the war. Hiding, plotting, and waiting for a dragon like Sundew, who is uniquely qualified to bring down the Hives.

There are dark secrets in the jungle, though-some that Sundew is keeping, and some that she's only just beginning to discover. And now that a new war is upon them, Sundew and her friends must unearth the oldest secret in the jungle-even if what they find has the power to destroy them all.
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9781338214512
ISBN-10: 1338214519
Published on 7/30/2019
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 336

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Amazing book I love the wings of fire series! ! ! ! Right now I'm on this book and so far it's really good

wings of fire is the best book on earth other than the road of the paragon

Much more intense and more fighting and mystery the funny things. It differs a lot from other books. The age range is higher.

I love this book its pretty good. Id say the age range is about 8-13. You go sundew!

Another amazing Wings of Fire book! This book will leave you on the edge of your seat with vivid detail and fantastic writing. I highly suggest this book to all who like adventure or dragons, but not if mild gore is triggering to you.

The poison jungle is home to many green dragons and they are all poisonous to other dragons.

This book was just amazing. I loved the bond between Willow and SNOODOO even though the book takes a shocking turn it sill was overall just amazing!

Really good book, the rest of the series is good as well, the storyline is really good Tui T. Sutherland is a really good author. I would definitely recommend this book.

There is a lot of plot twists and discoveries for the protagonists in this book. There is a lot of action and feeling with Sundew's love scenes and battle scenes. I feel like her anger and soft side are captured perfectly in the description, and the plot is very good. Another great book by Tui T Sutherland!

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