I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 (I Survived #11)

I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 (I Survived #11)

By Lauren Tarshis

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Book 11 of 18 in the  I Survived Series
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Could an entire city really burn to the ground?

Oscar Starling never wanted to come to Chicago. But then Oscar finds himself not just in the heart of the big city, but in the middle of a terrible fire! No one knows exactly how it began, but one thing is clear: Chicago is like a giant powder keg about to explode.

An army of firemen is trying to help, but this fire is a ferocious beast that wants to devour everything in its path, including Oscar! Will Oscar survive one of the most famous and devastating fires in history?

Lauren Tarshis brings history's most exciting and terrifying events to life in this New York Times bestselling series. Readers will be transported by stories of amazing kids and how they survived!
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545658461
ISBN-10: 0545658462
Published on 2/24/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 112

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Oscar Starling was an 11 year old boy who never wanted to go to Chicago. When he was at his farm in Castle a few years ago his dad died in a blizzard. But since that happened things have changed. His mom married another man named Mr. Morrow, he was an artist in Chicago. When he was there he painted a picture of the farm. When he and they left Castle they went to Chicago. At the train station there the suitcases were taken by a girl. Oscar followed her to her house from the Palmer House Hotel. At her house embers were flying everywhere making new fires.

I LOVE this book! I love reading all the I SURVIVED. This book is my favorite.It was interesting how the fire got so big, so fast. It is AMAZING!

I like it there wasn't anything like special in it but I like it I would say 8+

I SURVIVED THE GREAT CHICAGO FIRE, 1871 1871, there was a kid that lived on a farm but his papa died. So the kid and the mom left for Chicago on the subway. His mom has a boyfriend that lives there. All of a sudden little sparks came raining down, next thing you know he caught on fire. There were two kids that stole his bag. They were in the burning house. I highly recommend this book if you like the I SURVIVED series.

A guy name Oscar survive t it was a long time ago it was scary that I read the book but it tell u about the olden days

I this book, Oscar is forced to come out in Chicago even though he was against it. HE does not really like the city, but things get worse when he finds himself in the middle of a fire. Does he have the hero inside him, or will the fiery beast burn him alive? Lauren Tarshis brings an exceptional book of bravery- and horror.

This book is about a boy named oscar who didn't want to come to chicago but he did. At first there was a fire at a farm then when to chicago it was way worst. If you want to learn about the fore ypuy should read this book. I can connect with this book because it reminds of a movie where this boy friend set a fire in his house. And the boy in the house had to escape I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars because to me in the beginning was boring.

This book is about a little boy named Oscar who is trying to survive in a fire, as many people know, the Great Chicago Fire.of 1871. The story line as for someone stealing Oscar's luggage, is revealed to be an orphan raising her brother, just 2 years old, as they are fighting for their lives. I found a connection because of the suspense and fear and how it relates to the real world. There are some scary things out there, but this is probably one of the highest ones. I rate this book four stars because I don't like reading about people being so scared out of their minds that if something goes wrong, everyone dies.

The main character who sets out to find the girl who stole his luggage finds himself in the midst of the historic Chicago Fire of 1871 trying to survive. Enters the story line after stealing Oscar's luggage, is soon revealed as an orphan raising her 2-year old brother. I found a connection to this book by being alone and afraid. I rated this 5 stars because of the amazing plot and details.

This book is about a young boy named Oscar who had to fight to survive the great Chicago fire. I made a text to world connection with this book because I have been to Chicago many times. I think Lauren Tarshis is a great author because she does so much research on a topic that seems to come alive. I liked this book because it was so vivid in the way it described the city and the fire. Those are some reasons that I liked the book.

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