The Gary Paulsen Collection: Dancing Carl; Dogsong; Hatchet; Woodsong (4 Book Series)

The Gary Paulsen Collection: Dancing Carl; Dogsong; Hatchet; Woodsong (4 Book Series)

By Gary Paulsen

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From Book 1: Dancing Carl, Gary Paulsen's first novel, was a ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a Notable Children's Trade Book for the Language Arts.

In the winter, life in McKinley, Minnesota, revolves around the rinks, where kids play hockey and grown-ups skate to scratchy phonograph records. Then, the year Marsh and his best friend, Willy, are twelve, Carl appears at the rink, wearing a battered, old leather flight jacket and doing a strange dance that is both beautiful and disturbing to watch.
     It is Marsh and Willy who discover the terrible secret behind Carl's dance, a secret that threatens to destroy him. But a small miracle occurs, and Carl's dance becomes a fragile and tentative expression of hope and the healing power of love.
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Hachet is just wow

Hatchet By Gary Paulsen Recommendation 7 and up I would rate the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen a 5/5 because it's just such an interesting book with all the action and drama and surprises around every corner. I personally think that Hatchet is a great adventure novel and I'm going to tell you a bit of what happens in this book.This book is based on a very likable kid named Brian who is going to see his father in Canada. But something unexpected happens. The pilot has a heart attack. Brian does all he can to keep the plane in the air. It crashes in the water by a far away woods. The pilot drowns and Brian almost does too. Now it's Brian's goal to get food, make a shelter, and try to survive. Read this book as soon as you can!!!

Book review hatchet Hatchet by Gary Paulsen a survival story is about a boy who takes a bush plane to go see his father in Canada when suddenly the pilot has a heart attack. Brian has to find somewhere to crash land the plane. then he finds a lake in a forest and decides to crash land it there. After Brian has escaped the plane he now has to find a way to survive. I really liked Brian's character; he shows a lot of determination, does not give up and he learns from his surroundings. This book was amazing. It’s very recommended for about ages 7+. by Ryan Houghton/ monkeyboy1772

Hatchet By: Gary Paulsen Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a survival story and I would recommend this book for 7 and up. And I would rate this book a 9/10 because it shows you never to give up. Hatchet is an amazing book because it shows a kid how to grow up even when he or she is alone. The kid's name is Brian and he was going to visit his dad on a small bush plane but they crashed. The pilot died but Brian was still alive; he got out of the bush plane and landed at a lake and trees all around him in Canada . Brian has a personality like no one has. He is someone who will never give up and keeps going. But until help arrives he is on his own.

I really liked the book brian really does show a lot of determination so when things get tuff he does not give up it also shows that you need to figure out how to live in your surroundings and adjust. recomended age: 6+ you will learn alot from this book very recomended.