Star Wars Ahsoka

Star Wars Ahsoka

By E.K. Johnston

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Fans have long wondered what happened to Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Order near the end of the Clone Wars, and before she re-appeared as the mysterious Rebel operative Fulcrum in Rebels. Finally, her story will begin to be told. Following her experiences with the Jedi and the devastation of Order 66, Ahsoka is unsure she can be part of a larger whole ever again. But her desire to fight the evils of the Empire and protect those who need it will lead her right to Bail Organa, and the Rebel Alliance .
Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press
ISBN-13: 9781484782316
ISBN-10: 1484782313
Published on 10/3/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 368

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This book is a sci-fi novel by E.K Johnston. It is a really great book to inspire imagination and it provides so much more detail and context than the show, (which by the way, is AMAZING). I love the fact that this book has the power to keep me at the edge of my seat and keep reading.

i read this book because i like star wars and i wanted to know about more characters.

As a big Clone Wars fan, I was a little disappointed in this book because I felt it didn't really capture Ahsoka's personality; there were a lot of things the main character said that I just don't think Ahsoka would say, or things she did that I don't think she would actually do. Not a bad book over all, but I would hope that Ahsoka's book would feel a little more like, well, Ahsoka. However, I did enjoy the audiobook version, read by Ashley Eckstein, the actress who plays Ahsoka in the Clone Wars and Rebels. Read by her, it felt a lot more true to Ahsoka, which was great! And despite the negative things, I think this book is a must-read for Star Wars fans, because we all wonder what happened to Ahsoka between Order 66 and her appearance in Rebels, and this book tells an important part of her story as a character.

This book is totally cool. It’s really sad though if you’ve seen the clone wars . It’s still cool though.

It looks super cool ashoka is a cool character in the mandolorian, clone wars, and rebels ashoka is just so cool

I really love this book it is just a really good story

Lalit Pullakhandam Lalit Pullakhandam

The book is fantastic, and I read it because it is about a famous character. I passed my expectations, and I had a lot of fun reading it. The is about the famous Ashoka Tano, who is a fictional character from Star-wars. The book takes place between the clone wars and rebels and is revolved around Ashoka's mission to save a planet. The planet consists of innocent farmers, and they are not able to protect themselves. Since Ashoka was a former Jedi, she feels to protect the residents of the planet from the empire who are against freedom. The empire decides the destroy the planet and export it for its resources. In the beginning, Ashoka plans on saving the planet, but her planes are distorted because of the empire. In the end, Ashoka ends up saving the people of the planet by making allies and getting escape ships so the people can escape the world. The book overall is excellent and has a lot of exciting events in which is why I highly recommend the book

it was the best jedi book so far for me and i hope she did'nt die i would be really sad for me so i give it five stars it was so good i brought the book

The Ahsoka novel is a book that you can pick up but never put it down. It follows Ahsoka Tano's Journey after Order 66. She moves to a moon called Raeda and enjoys an unventful life. But then the Empire comes and occupies the planet and she must decide whether to get involved and reveal her jedi past or die. In the end of the book Ahsoka gets new light sabers and joins the Rebellion to help them defeat the Empire.

The Ahsoka in this book is not the same Ashoka as the one in the Clone Wars that we all know and love. But surviving a war, leaving the only family you know, and then hearing they've all been brutally slaughtered can change a person. As we begin this action-filled story, we find former Jedi padawan Ashoka Tano carving out a miserable existence on the remote planet Thabeska, posing as Ashla, a mechanic who works hard and doesn't ask questions. But when the empire reaches its hand to the remote Thabeska, Ahsoka fearfully runs. She finds an almost-home on Radaa, a non-exciting farming moon that seems obscure enough. Until the Imperials decide to land on the planet and take over, taking Ashoka by surprise. She is torn between revealing herself and pretending to be Ashla. She and her new family must decide whether to rebel or to watch as everything and everyone they love is destroyed. After reading this book, I don't feel like it can stand on its own. I would love to see it become a series, like some of the other Star Wars series I've read. Star Wars: Ashoka didn't lack any of the grit and harsh reality of how cruel the empire truly is, and I liked it for that. This book was a really interesting read that I recommend to all Star Wars fans!

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