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    “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is an interesting novel. Liesl is an orphan living with her foster parents in Germany. When a boy named Max enters Liesel’s life running from the Nazis, An inspiring part happens. This is when she and Max are together where they are is a warm and cozy place. When they are apart the cellar is dark and gloomy, in Max's perspective. This is inspiring because it shows the importance of being together in hard times. I’ve learned that just because you've lost everything to people, in this case the Nazis, doesn’t mean someone else can’t refill your life. I connect with this book on a small scale because I've made big mistakes and someone’s come along and fixed my mistake. Like, when I broke my grandfather's bird house, he came home and told me that he’d fix it for me. Therefore; this is an inspiring novel to me. The main character, Liesl, in The Book Thief changes a lot over the book. This is true because when Liesel enters the story she is nervous and scared, like when she was terrified to take the book on the ground in front of her when her brother is being buried by her friends. She becomes braver and more risky when she finishes her first book and wants more. Then when she builds up the courage to go to the mayor's house when she's invited she marvels at the library. Later in the town square she steals a book caled The Shoulder Shrug from a Nazi book burning. This shows that she wants more books and is willing to take a huge risk to get them. Many years later WWII ends this allows her to access the books she wants and allows her to calm down her life. She has a family and dies calmly of old age, ending the book. She started out as a nervous little girl and ends as a calm old woman, the book thief Liesl therefore; changes a lot.
    About 4 years ago
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    By Markus Zusak
    About 4 years ago

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