The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire, Book 3)

The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire, Book 3)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Book 3 of 13 in the  Wings of Fire Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.167755
The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues!

Deep in the rainforest, danger awaits . . .

The dragonets of destiny aren't sure what to expect in the RainWing kingdom - Glory hopes to learn more about her family, and since the RainWings aren't fighting in the war, all five dragonets think they might be able to hide safely for a while.

But something deadly is stalking the peaceful kingdom, and the dragonets soon discover that RainWings have been mysteriously disappearing from the forest. When the RainWing queen won't do anything to find her missing tribe members, Glory and her friends set off on their own rescue mission - which leads them right back into enemy territory. . . .
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545349253
ISBN-10: 0545349257
Published on 2/25/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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You might have seen my review about the first and second Wings of Fire books and now I'm writing about the third book, Wings of Fire, The Hidden Kingdom, book three, a fantasy by Tui T. Sutherland. It's about Glory (RainWing) one of the dragonets of the prophecy who are destined to stop the eighteen-year-long war. After escaping from under the mountain where they were raised, Tsunami (SeaWing) has already found a family in the Kingdom of the Sea. Glory's friends (the other dragonets of destiny) decide to go to the Rainforest where the RainWing live so that Glory can meet her family. But when the dragonets arrive at the RainWing Kingdom they find out that something has been abducting and maybe killing the RainWings that live peacefully. Glory bravely sets out on a rescue mission to find dragons she has never even met before.

I love this series especially this book. 10/10

I liked this book a lot because It had a very structured plot along with the fact that I like dragons! This is a very good book and I recommend this to dragon lovers.

I love this book! It is my favorite book in the series. Glory is my favorite Charactor.

Amazing book I love the wings of fire series! ! ! ! Right now I'm on book 13 and so far it's really good

I've never read the book but i hear good things about it.

This book is about how the 5 dragnets found the rainforest and met Queen Blaze, the Queen of sandwings. In this book, it tells how one of the dragnet got caught by a Nightwing!!

Once the Dragonets of Destiny start heading to the Rainforest for shelter and help, Glory is secretly thrilled to meet her tribe for the first time. Maybe they're not so bad, like everyone says, she keeps telling herself. But she is gravely disappointed when she sees their lifestyle. Glory has to do something about it, and the growing threat of the three sisters that want them dead.

The Hidden Kingdom is the third book of the book series called Wings of Fire it is about the five dragonets Sunny, Tsunami, Starflight, Glory, and Clay. These dragons are trying to fulfill their prophecy. The protagonist is Queen Glory, the replacement RainWing Dragonet of Destiny. The conflict of this story is that the dragonets go to Glory's tribe seeking help for their guardian webs, but are trying to be killed by another dragon named Deathbringer, and have found that dragons have been disappearing into thin air. The dragonets visit most of the kingdom's including the Mud kingdom, Rainforest knigdom, Ice kingdom, Kingdom of Sand, and Nightwing island. What I liked about this book is when the dragonets are traveling from kingdom to kingdom. Though it stumbles near the end, this novel delivers on the fast-paced fun, action and wonder that characterizes the series. The dragonets are heading to find Glory's home, the rainforest, and she's sure there's more to her tribe than being lazy, as they are often labeled. When they get there, the find the RainWings are a peaceful and good tribe, so good they're being careless and lazy, while a mysterious monster is dissappearing RainWing dragons. Though many readers didn't like Glory that much, I always liked her from the beginning, she was the underdog, often mistreated and despised by the guardians, but she's also very resilient and the troupe's queen of snark. Her ever-changing scales also made her very and beautiful to imagine, like a mood changing chameleon and what's cooler than that? Plus, her deadly venom made her a force to be reckoned with. Here, her POV novel, she shines and rises to the ocassion, demonstrating she can be a worthy fighter and spy, but also a compassionate character under her frosty exterior. The rainforest was a great scenario and, just like last time, it was pure joy imagining how this fantasy world is. It was also refreshing to not see the dragonets held in prison and dragons that aren't crazy psychotic killing machines. The mystery this time was much more cryptic and magical, and the quest sends the dragonets to the SandWing and IceWing kingdoms. Last time, I could guess how the mystery was going to develop, even though I didn't knew the culprit, this time however, it was difficult to imagine and outcome with all the twist and turns introduced. While the first novel was all about the overarching plot and the second was more self contained, this one tries to bridge those two extremes, but in the process it plummets hard on its final quarter. After the mystery is resolved and everything is set up for an action packed finale, we are instead given visions that harken back to book one, and add little, and an overextended and predictable contest that could've been resolved in a chapter or two. Thus, the novel feels incomplete, as its resolution is left as a big cliffhanger. I am, however, still intrigued by what's going to happen and how Glory's role within story is going to be played out.I would reccomend this book to people who like adventerous books, and action books.

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