Moon Rising (Wings of Fire, Book 6)

Moon Rising (Wings of Fire, Book 6)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Book 6 of 13 in the  Wings of Fire Series
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The New York Times-bestselling series soars to even greater heights with a new prophecy and five new dragonets ready to claim their destiny!

Peace has come to Pyrrhia . . . for now.

The war between the tribes is finally over, and now the dragonets of the prophecy have a plan for lasting peace: Jade Mountain Academy, a school that will gather dragonets from all the tribes and teach them to live together, perhaps even as friends.

Moonwatcher isn’t sure how she feels about school, however. Hidden in the rainforest for most of her life, the young NightWing has an awful secret. She can read minds, and even see the future. Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy, exhausting--and dangerous.

In just a few days, Moon finds herself overwhelmed by her secret powers and bombarded by strange thoughts, including those of a mysterious dragon who might be a terrible enemy. And when someone starts attacking dragons within the academy, Moon has a choice to make: Stay hidden and safe? Or risk everything to save her new friends?
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545685368
ISBN-10: 0545685362
Published on 6/28/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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The sixth book is my favorite book in the Wings of Fire series and is about my favorite character in the series, Moonwatcher (NightWing). Wings of Fire, book six, Moon rising is about a little NightWing named Moonwatcher who is the first NightWing in centuries to have the powers of mind reading and future seeing. Now that the Dragonets of Destiny have stopped the war, they created a school with five dragons from each of the seven tribes to try to stop the hate between the tribes. Moon is the one of the NightWings and on the first day she hears a voice in her head. She realizes that it's an other mind reader, communicating with her telepathically. It turns out that the other mind reader is more than two thousand years old. A few days later somebody sets an explosion and kills two dragons and badly injures one dragon. Moon uses her mind reading to figure out who it was. But it's not who Moon would ever expect it to be. Moon realizes that the dragon is about to be killed and even though the dragon killed and disturbed the school, Moon saves her life.

SOOOO Good! This is my favorite book out of the entire book series! So much suspense when Moon tries to be normal like other dragons and cover up for herself so others do not know about her secret powers. She learns that there is an evil dragon named Darkstalker that has woken up finally after a very long time and knows that she is the only one that can stop him.

This is a great book. I think it’s because it has some mind reading in it and there’s dark stalker, and kinkajuo is really funny.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE!! I defiantly recommend this book! I love Moon! [SPOILER WARNING!!] Moon was born and hidden in the rainforest, apart from the other NightWings. Then, a school called 'Jade Mountain School' was opened, should she go?...

Amazing book I love the wings of fire series! ! ! ! Right now I'm on book 13 and so far it's really good

This is one of my favorite books in the wings of fire series. I won't spoil but its great!

great series things get good at number 6

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