Cinderella Stays Late (Grimmtastic Girls #1)

Cinderella Stays Late (Grimmtastic Girls #1)

By Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams

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Book 1 of 8 in the  Grimmtastic Girls Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.838157
The authors of the hit Goddess Girls series put a fun and girly twist on another super-popular theme: fairy tales!

Once upon a time, in faraway Grimmlandia...

A Grimmtastic girl named Cinderella is starting her first week at Grimm Academy on the wrong foot. Cinda's totally evil stepsisters are out to make her life miserable. The Steps tease Cinda, give her terrible advice about life at the academy, and even make her look bad in front of her new friends, Red, Snow, and Rapunzel! But when Cinda overhears the Steps plotting a villainous deed that could ruin Prince Awesome's ball, Cinda, her new friends, and a pair of magical glass slippers have to stop them--before the last stroke of midnight!
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545519830
ISBN-10: 0545519837
Published on 3/25/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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The book is awesome because it's all about a girl named Cinderella. She lives with her dad and step mother and two very very mean stepsisters. The stepsisters were very mean because they hate Cinderella. Then one day Cinderella and the stepsisters went to a academy called Grimmlandia Academy. Cinderella made new friends at the academy but the stepsisters always made Cinderella to look bad in front of her new friends. Cinderella thought that her friends wouldn't like her anymore. Later there was a ball dance. A new friend helped Cinderella with pearls and glass slippers. At the ball room Cinderella danced beautifully without tripping. Later on she found out that the stepsisters worked for the E.V.I.L society. The society was planning to ruin the ball dance.... It'a great story.

I used to read Goddess Girls because I love Greek Mythology, and this series had the same author so I decided to read it. The first installment in Grimmtastic Girls tells the story of Cinderella. Cinderella's first day at Grimm Academy is filled with surprises, both good and bad. She has to save Prince Awesome's Ball before her Stepsisters ruin it. I didn't like this book as much as the Goddess Girls' books but it was also not as bad as I thought it would be. ~ifeelbookish

I'm reading it right now but I do not like it because it is really girly and had lots of fairy tale style. No offense it wasn't good.

Its a fun twist on the real Cinderella story and luckily its not as scary as the original version in Grimm's fairy tales and I LOVE THE DRESS!!

Cute story, it has classic fairy tales in it, but with a twist. If you are FOR up-to-date classic fairytales, this book is for you. Cinda is starting her new day, as the prince, and her stepsister want to "be" with the prince and is asking Cinda to talk to the prince about them. I'll say this book wasn't exactly what I was going of but it was a light read. It was slow pacing, but it was a bit fun, and relaxing. It was kind of fun to see classic fairytales kind of twist up to a modern fairytale, which is one of the things I liked about it.

Great for fans of Whatever After and Ever After High. Great story and characters. Great world building. Not cheesy - something that is a risk with re-told fairy tales. I really enjoyed this one!

I would like a book about a new Cinderella. It seems fun to read. I like to think about Cinderella and what could happen if she stayed later.

This book is about a girl who's name is cinda and is training at a gymnastic gym and her evil sisters make her life misorble. Cinda has to go to a ball but it is all messed up. This story is like Cinderella. I recommend this book for ages 7-10 years old.

It was really intreasting and good. I love how it was formated as a school and how their is a big mystery. i think that this way of putting a fractured fairy tale is really cool. I love how Cindy is more then just the maid who becomes a princess. how the author took all the faviortes in fairy tales and gave them more adatude. it was very lovable

I love this series! This book is so good! If you love fairytails and modern day princesess you should read this book. Its pretty awesome!

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