Miss Suzy

Miss Suzy

By Miriam Young

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Miss Suzy is a little gray squirrel who lives happily in her oak-tree home until she is chased away by some mean red squirrels. Poor Miss Suzy is very sad. But soon she finds a beautiful dollhouse and meets a band of brave toy soldiers.

How Miss Suzy and the soldiers help each other makes a gentle, old-fashioned tale that has captured the imaginations of girls and boys alike for forty years. Arnold Lobel's enchanting pictures are sure to make the kind squirrel and the gallant soldiers the everlasting friends of all who turn these pages.

Publisher: Purple House Press
ISBN-13: 9781930900752
ISBN-10: 1930900759
Published on 8/1/2014
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 40

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Miss Suzy is just regular squirrel with grayish fur who is very sweet. She is willing to help anyone; and as you can see on the book cover, Miss Suzy is helping the toy soldiers do something. When I was little, I almost always read this book, imagining myself being with Miss Suzy and her adventures. This book is very sweet book and this would be so difficult for anyone not to like this book! - Happy Reading!

This is a book my Grandma and my mom read to me when I was little. It's is a rrrreeeaaaallllyyyy sweet book!!!