Magic Tree House #21: Civil War on Sunday

Magic Tree House #21: Civil War on Sunday

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Cannon fire! That's what Jack and Annie hear when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the time of the American Civil War. There they meet a famous nurse named Clara Barton and do their best to help wounded soldiers. It is their hardest journey in time yet—and the one that will make the most difference to their own lives!

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Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780679890676
ISBN-10: 067989067X
Published on 5/23/2000
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 96

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Silver War on Sunday by Marry Pope Osborne. It tells about a boy and a girl named Jake and Annie. Who went on a magic tree house bake to the silver War. There they saw tents they went down by the tents and meet a nurse named Clara Barton. She asked Annie and Jake to help the wounded solders. Jake and Annie were brave an saved many solders life.

I also has read this book, too! I is an Deaf Civil War reenactor (I know I is young person, but reenacting is probably my job in real life!)


Good! In this book jack and Annie get whisked in the old times of the cival war. They meet Clara Barton and Jack and Annie have been asked to help the hurt soldiers. This was there hardest journey. Will it all work out fine? Read this book to find out!

Civil war on Sunday is about Jack and Annie going to the Civil war on a Sunday. They meet a famous Nurse named Clara Barton. During the Civil War, People had field hospitals. When Clara Barton comes to put wounded soldiers, Jack and Annie get to help. More than 3,000 Women helped nursing. It was a new job for them when Men where the only ones who get to be nurses. The Civil war started at 1861 to 1865. That's all but their books are the best!

Civil war on Sunday is a really good book. I like these books because they tell you allot about the past or about animals. I always wanted to know about civil war and this book told me every thing to know about civil war.

I liked Civil War on Sunday. It has clues, adventure and I will tell you about adventure. Jack and Annie volunteered as nurses at the Civil war and they had to go to a battlefield with a wagon pulled by a horse.

jack and his sister went to the tree house and went to a filed they saw some solthers they went to a caping senter and saw a nuse she said hand some foods out to the people they healed them then then they went to home the end