Best Friends

Best Friends

By Shannon Hale

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Publisher: First Second
ISBN-13: 9781250317452
ISBN-10: 1250317452
Published on 8/27/2019
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 224

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This was a really good book, but I felt like there was too much pressure being put on the character. She seems like an outcast, and although her "best friend" Jen seems to like her, she isn't really a best friend. I'd give this book four stars. It sort of reminds me of Smile and the Sunny series.

The second book was very good as well as the first one. In the book I think the chracter found herself more and learned that people change over time and do not stay the same forever.

This book is all about trying to be "normal" and fit in. Shannon has a hard time fitting in. She got to be with the popular group but it seems that it wasn't the right fit. Shannon tries to keep up with shows and music but by the time she does , it changed again. And between all of this she had anxiety disorder. Telling her bad things would happen . Such as would her mom be home when she got back from school? I think this was a very wonderful book. I love the artwork . As well as the story. This is one or my favorites. I recommend it to all ages and I rate this book 5/5stars -Pizzagirl7😁

The sequel to #1 New York Times Bestselling "Real Friends," Shannon is entering 5th grade. Jen is now not only the most popular girl in the grade but the most popular girl in the whole school! With Adrienne gone, Shannon has nothing stopping her from gaining the spot as Jen's best friend. And when she does, she's thrilled, but it's exhausting having to keep up with the trends and stay popular. Shannon has to remember to stock her and Jen's locker with candy, memorize the hottest songs of the day, beg her mom to watch Simon & Simon and the A-Team on TV, and do countless other things to stay in her position. Worse still, all Shannon's friends are getting boyfriends except her; Jen seems to be drifting from her; Jenny is still being mean to her, and Shannon's confusion spirals to an all-time high. Not to mention, Adrienne comes to visit, but despite them being best friends for years, it seems like she and Shannon share absolutely nothing in common. Can being best friends with the most popular girl in school oust being true to yourself?

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a prety good book

I liked this book. Shannon is feeling good. She has Jen as her best friend, and she's part of the "group". But now some of her friends are getting boyfriends, and they aren't really having "best friends" anymore. Can Shannon still fit in with this group? I give it 4 stars.

This is the sequel to the book Real Friends. School finally seems to be going well for Shannon. She's best friends with Jen, and she no longer has to worry about Jenny or the group. The only thing is... the rules seem to keep changing. Now there's a whole different thing to worry about, and Shannon no longer knows if this is the perfect year she thought it would be. Read the book to find out more! Happy Reading!

Shannon Hale is an outstanding writer, and I love the story line of this book. It is the sequel to Real Friends, which is also really good. It is about Shannon, who is starting sixth grade with The Group, the most popular girls at school, and with her best friend Jen, The Group’s leader, and the most popular kid in school. Everything should be amazing right? Wrong. Shannon knows nothing about what the “cool things” are, but it seems like she’s the only one! Shannon has to decide if she wants to follow her heart, or stay safe but uncomfortable with The Group. I would definitely reccommend this book to anyone who loves Real Friends, or just needs a great book to read! :D


I Love this book so much

This book is so fun! I am enjoying it so much! It talks about the a girl who is going from 5th grade to 6th grade. Make sure to find time to read it!!

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