Barbie in the Pink Shoes: Storybook and Bracelet (BOOK AND JEWELRY)

Barbie in the Pink Shoes: Storybook and Bracelet (BOOK AND JEWELRY)

By BarbieTM, Justine Fontes

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Based on the latest direct–to–video Barbie movie, this new board book retells the exciting story and comes with a charm necklace for girls to wear.

Hailey (Barbie) and her friend Kristen are two ballet students at a special dance school. Their ballet instructor is always telling Hailey to keep to the routine and to stop changing the dance. But, Hailey loves to make the dance her own. One day, Hailey's dance shoe rips, so she and Kristen go downstairs to the seamstress/cobbler to get her shoes fixed. Madame Katarina gives her a pair of magic dance shoes, which transport the girls to a magical place where Hailey becomes the lead dancer in all the classic ballets. One of the girls is kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen. But with the help of her friend, and by staying true to herself, she dances her way toa bright future. After reading the book, girls can then play pretend with the pretty, collectable bracelet!
Publisher: SFI Readerlink Dist
ISBN-13: 9780794427856
ISBN-10: 0794427855
Published on 1/8/2013
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 24

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I love barbie

This book 📚 is so amazing. I love 😍💞 Barbie books 💟. I read Barbie books and watched Barbie movie's . I like Barbie books. My friends are read this book 📚 and they say's This book is so amazing 😍 they like this book 📖😍. I want this book 📖.

I think that this book is pretty cool I would love to have pink shoes that when I put them on I go into a ballet. it's pretty cool. Now I would recommend this book for 4+ and not really sure if I'll be reading it again any time soon just because sometimes the Barbie books can be a little more for younger kids not really for my age, but I'll recommend this to 4-9

So cute my little sis Addison would love it